Desalinators for Commercial/Naval Vessels

With the capacity to produce 10 to 40 cubic metres of freshwater per day, the Cathelco Seafresh ‘Ton’ Series is ideally suited to the requirements of commercial and naval vessels.

The desalinators are based on reverse osmosis technology, a well established and reliable method of turning seawater into potable water.

Based on a unique modular design, the desalinators are easy to install and operate with a range of automatic features which save crew time.

Seafresh watermaking systems have been supplied to more than 1,800 vessels around the world including all types of small commercial craft, ferries, research vessels, offshore supply vessels, tugs and fishing craft. In the military sector, the company have supplied desalinators for the surface craft and submarines of 9 navies.

Desalinators for Yachts

Cathelco Seafresh desalinators give you the freedom to cruise wherever you want without the need to plan your voyages around marina stops. The reverse osmosis desalinators are available in a range of sizes for sailing and power craft up to largest megayachts.

Ton Series - with outputs from 10 to 40 cubic metres per day.
H20 Series - with outputs from 36 to 276 litres per hour.
Ocean Series - with outputs from 36 to 140 litres per hour.

Based on modular units, the desalinators are built to space saving designs for ease of installation. Available with manual or automatic controls, they are simple to operate, ensuring a reliable supply of water for all domestic needs.

You also have the reassurance of the Cathelco Seafresh worldwide network of agents/installers for installation and servicing.